Filmmaker Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood and the All-Electric 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV

Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins, Photos by Josh Freeman and Garvin St Villier The allure of electric vehicles (EVs) is that we have to expedite their evolution if humanity envisions a cleaner, greener, and prosperous future in terms of renewable resources. So auto brands, including General Motors (GM), have made concerted efforts to tackle the […]

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2013 Atlanta International Auto Show

Auto shows have regained their traction and gathered their so-called “mojo” once again as automakers are poised, ready to showcase their vehicles in public venues for the world to see.  From Beijing to L.A., New York to Geneva, the auto show circuit is back in full swing, highlighting the latest and greatest that manufacturers have to offer. […]

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Size DOES Matter

Back in our September 2008 blog, Does Size Really Matter?, we informed you of the burgeoning trend toward downsizing in the automotive industry.  As the now current C.A.F.E. regulations were still just notes on a pad, rumors and hints of engine and chassis shrinkage had many an enthusiast running for their automotive Viagra.  The thought […]

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2011 Atlanta International Auto Show

Atlanta was host for the first national auto show in the Southeastern states.  At the time, back in 1909, the show was called the Atlanta National Automobile Show, and it gave Southerners the opportunity to experience locally what was available up North since 1900 at New York’s Madison Square Garden.  Sources state that 67 makers […]

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Spring Forward

 Last week introduced springtime to 2009 with the advancement of clocks another 60 minutes.  Although the weather in various places has said otherwise, paying homage to any of the four possible seasons – 80’s in Georgia, snow in Philadelphia and North Carolina, and cold in California – spring is right around the corner. The past […]

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