Another Perfect Storm?

Many believed that it would take a perfect storm to bring the American auto industry to the brink of extinction.  A storm surged in 2008, doing just that.  The economic equivalent to Katrina came crashing down, affecting economies near and far.  Once strong and mighty companies, the likes of Rome in its heyday, began washing […]

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Nissan North America has begun introducing its all-new electric car, Leaf, to the general public.  The zero emission, 100% electric vehicle has begun touring across the country to spark public interest, a method that seems to be working if gauged by the number people observing and asking questions at the event. The 4-door hatchback had […]

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Communist Plates

Pollution is a major concern on people’s minds these days.  Everyone from former Vice President Al Gore to your child’s elementary school is doing his or her part to enhance awareness. As of late, CO2 emissions have been reported for individual vehicles, right next to price, warranty, and fuel economy.  This piece of information can […]

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In the name of safety

Everyone is concerned about safety.  Even the most die-hard, power hungry enthusiasts want to know that they will be safe while enjoying their Ferrari F430s and Corvette ZO6s.  This is why manufacturers spend millions on safety development for their vehicles. Sometimes these strides towards safety aren’t as obvious as they may seem.  Some of you […]

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