Crib Sheet – Scion’s New (Tech-Laden?) Star

Scion iM

Scion is using the glitz and glamour of the L.A. Auto Show on Wednesday, November 19 at 3:40 p.m. to reveal its new iM Concept car.  Although very little is known about the iM, there arguably is no better venue to announce the company’s new star than this.

There’s always room for speculation, and since there’s just a little less than a month remaining until the reveal… why not?  We may be going out on a limb here, but there are some signs that the iM, if and when it becomes a production model, will focus on technology.  For starters, the name iM just oozes the idea that this will be a car that highlights connected technology.  For example, many people didn’t even realize smartphones existed until Cupertino’s i-Device hit the market.  And since then, that lowercase vowel has been an overused prefix for anything even hinting at being associated with tech.  Not to mention, the term “IM” or “instant message” was originally coined for the predecessor of the now widely used text message.

Another reason we think this car will showcase technology is more obvious – its demographic.  According to Toyota’s recent press release, the iM Concept “reflects the evolution of Scion as the needs and desires of its youthful customers also evolve.  Young adults turn into older young adults with jobs.  The current generation of older young adults tends to be engrossed with the freedom that technology allows, even more so than the car, itself, used to for those of previous generations.  Because of this, there will probably be integration of all sorts of media and communication tech, some of which might even be ground-breaking, or at least so we think.

Now obviously, this is all just hyperbole (that is, unless it proves true) and AutoAcademics will have our eyes trained on what Scion has planned for the world in November, too.  What we do know from the teaser photo above is that the iM Concept adopts the new Toyota family grille, as well as projector-beam (Zenon?) headlights and aggressive air dams in the lower front fascia.  And although the iM Concept showcases some performance-focused hardware, such as cross-drilled front disc brakes, the production version will probably be more along the lines of the FR-S or even the tC, if it makes it to production at all.

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Check out the official press release below.


Scion’s iM Concept Car Prepares for World Premiere at L.A. Auto Show
October 22, 2014
Torrance, Calif., Oct. 22, 2014 – Like any new star about to step out on the world stage in Los Angeles, Scion’s new iM Concept car is taking some test shots. The photos, also debuting on Instagram, reveal the distinctively sporty front end of the car as it gets ready for the spotlight. The iM Concept car reflects the evolution of Scion as the needs and desires of its youthful customers also evolve. Fans are encouraged to join the conversation at #iMDriven.

Scion’s Los Angeles Auto Show press conference will be held Wednesday, November 19, at 3:40 p.m. in the South Hall.

About Scion
Scion continues to be the test laboratory division for Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc. From its start in 2003, Scion’s goal was to offer products and processes that stand apart from the crowd. With a model line-up that includes the iconic xB urban utility vehicle, the tC sports coupe, the FR-S rear-wheel drive sports car, the premium micro-subcompact iQ and the xD urban subcompact 5-door, Scion offers distinctive vehicles that reflect owners’ passions and aspirations. Scion also appeals to a youthful audience by offering a simple, no haggle buying experience and by engaging with potential customers in meaningful and creative ways. For more information, visit

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